Web & Graphic Design


Web sites are popular. Are Web sites good business? We believe they are. A Web site can help you establish a brand identity, describe your product or service, sell your product or service online and create a home for your company—be it a firm with you as the solo entrepreneur or a small business with 25 or less employees.  

Innovative Design Alternatives provides complete, affordable, small business/organization web design and graphics. Our Web designs offer the integration you need to make an interactive, eye-catching, user friendly websites. IDA works tirelessly to bring you the finest services in Web and Graphics. We ensure dedication to each step in this process, giving documentation to the client for approval at each step. We work one on one with each client giving hands on learning experience as the site is being built to ensure you are getting what you want.

The Benefits of Working with IDA
  • The members of our team possess a broad range of experience and expertise, so every phase of your project is monitored and implemented to ensure the highest-quality result.
  • Our creative and technical team members are immediately involved in your brainstorming sessions, enabling us to understand your goals and strategies to give you the best possible solution.
  • We develop and maintain trusting; mutually beneficial relationships with our clients by working hard at team-building with your organization to be sure business objectives are met.
  • We use a project management process that actively involves our clients during the duration of the project and employ cost-effective approaches that are sensitive to budget concerns.
Our Specialty

Innovative Design Alternatives specializes in working with:

Entrepreneurs |  Small Businesses  |  Organizations |  Individuals

looking for a Web presence. We offer products and services to our local community members, who would not feel comfortable contracting a large company or a designer they could not sit down with face-to-face. We pride ourselves on being able to live in the community with our customers.

Professional Design & Navigation

Your web site design needs to be clear, professional, and intuitive for web site visitors in order to establish your web site as a useful e-commerce tool for those who enjoy his message. IDA’s creative team of designers will work as a team with your staff to create a site map and two, color homepage concepts. The concepts will then be revised down to one, final design for the creation of the web site.


The usability and navigation of the site will be of utmost importance in the organizational architecture of the site. Therefore, IDA’s creative team will work with you to streamline the navigation, categorize, and group information as appropriate. A thorough review of existing and newly planned content will also be taken into consideration.

Content Management Training

The web site provided by IDA will be equipped with an easy-to-use, robust content management system, or CMS. The CMS will allow non-technical  staff members to add, edit, or delete HTML content areas of the web site. Changes are limited to content and images will have complete control over the direction of the content of the web site and will be dependant upon IDA only to make major changes and updates.