Driven Web Sites

One of the advantages of using WordPress is that there are many WordPress themes with distinctive looks which can be used for the visual design of a website. Often we can choose a ideal theme for your project. Please note that customization will be limited to incorporating your branding and content. Only premium packages include making significant changes to the theme’s page layout, color scheme, typography, or functionality.


Responsive Web Design

People aren’t viewing websites just from their desktop or laptop computers anymore. Tablets, televisions, and smart phones are currently the devices of choice. Luckily, we can create web designs that are responsive to the size and dimensions of any screen.

WordPress Consulting

$70/hour, billed in 15-minute increments. We require a $200 deposit to begin work, and will be glad to give you an estimate and/or “ceiling”. If we attempt to solve your problem and find out that it’s going to be too time-consuming to pursue, there’s no charge.

Most Packages Include:
  • Place your logo so that it displays prominently on each page;
  • Display your tagline, if you have one, prominently;
  • Replace images in the theme with your own images;
  • If the theme has several color-scheme options, use the one you like best;
  • Remove features you don’t want or need from the Home Page, Sidebar and Footer;
  • Add standard WordPress features you want in locations in the theme design where they can be placed; and
  • Make simple adjustments to navigation menus.
Premium Packages Include:
  • Make significant changes to the overall look of the pages
  • Make significant changes to the layout of the pages
  • Add features or functions to the theme.