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8 Nov 2015

Servant-Leadership, Restorative Justice, and Forgiveness

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The terms of servant-leadership, restorative justice, and forgiveness depend on one another, they are all interdependent but not interchangeable. To be a Servant Leader one must believe that justice must be restorative, and must have the capacity to forgive those who trespass against others. Being a servant to those you serve is paramount to evolving into a servant leader. Restorative justice requires the capacity for forgiveness on levels only those who choose to serve their fellow man can embrace.

insights The ability to forgive others is a gift that must be cultivated deep in one’s heart. It is a choice that takes time and practice to implement wholly. Restorative justice cannot be truly implemented without understanding a forgiveness of the trespass, its participants, and its roots.I certainly believe that one needs to be humble in order to be a servant-leader, but I think that is but a single element in a plethora of attributes that is required. In “Insights on Leadership”, Robert K. Greenleaf states, “… the care taken by the servant first to make sure that other people’s highest priority needs are being served.”interpersonalFacilitation

Being a leader that empowers, encourages, and develops others is at the heart of servant-leadership. Moving from a system where the participants are required to climb upon and defeat one another to improve their status has proven over time not to fulfill the participants on the job or off.During a true servant-leadership journey we are bound to make good friends. Some that will remain with us for years to come and others who only require our presence for a season.A few of the defini
ng elements of being a servant leader are morality, truthfulness, and choosing to be a healer of the people you serve. One who chooses to become a servant leader takes on the responsibility of those they serve. A person must be a protector of others spirits, leading a life that displays to others that morality is ever-present. Leading a life that makes whole those who have been hurt as well as the trespassers, understanding that they to have been hurt.This is an understanding that the need is to heal all parties including the community.